The Best Indoor and Outdoor Market in Manhattan!

100 West 77th St., NY, NY 10024.

4 Easy Steps to Become a Vendor

  1. Get your Sales Tax Certificate (NYS Certificate of Authority):

    You must have one to reserve a space at the market.

    Applications must be made online at You must bring this certificate with you to the market on your fist day.

  2. Get your merchandise approved:

    New vendors are not guaranteed admission. Please email for approval of your merchandise. Describe your merchandise and send photos. DO NOT misrepresent your products; counterfeits and knock-offs are prohibited.

    New designer labelled merchandise will not be accepted without a proper bill of sale.

    Antique and vintage dealers are given priority. GreenFlea is currently seeking artists who design and craft their products. Please email to discuss.

    At the moment, there is a moratorium on the following items: jewelry, scarves, hats, handbags, sunglasses, hair accessories, t-shirts, rugs, shawls, pillows, picture frames, cosmetics, candles, soap, and women's clothing.

    Existing vendors must get approval in order to sell new types of merchandise.

  3. Decide on Size/Type of Space:
    Outdoor Spaces
    Size Peak Price Off-Peak Price
    5 x 5 ft. $35 $35
    5 x 10 ft. aisle $65 $60
    5 x 10 corner $70 $65
    10 x 10 aisle $130 or $140 (corner) $120
    10x10 wall/fence Starts at $120 Starts at $105
    10x12 $140 $120
    Larger please inquire please inquire

    Peak Outdoor: April 1 - June 30; Sept. 8 - Dec. 31

    Outdoor spaces do not include tables, chairs, or tents.

    Indoor Spaces (Cafeteria & Hall)

    Size Peak Price Off-Peak Price
    Cafeteria Table $55 $50
    Cafeteria Table - Corner $60 $55
    Wall - 5 ft. $35 $35
    Wall - 10 ft. $65 $55
    Hall - 5 ft. $35 $35
    Hall - 10 ft. Starts at $55 Starts at $50

    Peak Indoor: Oct. 1 to March 31.

    Cafeteria tables are included in space price. Extra tables are as follows: 6 ft. $15, 4 ft. $9

  4. Make the Reservation: Reservations are made on a weekly basis. Email to make a reservation. Please reserve a space by the Wendesday of the Sunday you wish to work. Please include your first name, last name, NYS Certificate of Authority Number, company name (if different), email address, space required, and a description and pictures of their merchandise.